The baggage I carry [2]

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Déjà vu, déjà entendu [24]

Seen all these.

Being human, becoming human, and ceasing being human [2]

A few illustrations.

  • “Humans are hooked. Machines are learning.” (Source unknown)
  • Yes, master. (Design Museum Gent, 2017)

Déjà vu, déjà entendu [23]

We ship you and we ship you hard. [4]

Goncharov: why has the internet invented a fake Martin Scorsese film? (The Guardian, 25 November 2022, first learnt via this tweet; see also the Shazaam story)

Neil Gaiman: With the greatest possible respect, “has decided they are in love” is fandom’s default mode. I could have put up pictures of Maggie and Nina and talked about how they hate each other and were each other’s worst enemies and fandom would have nodded its collective head and muttered “ah. Friends to enemies trope. They are in love.” I’m just looking forward to everyone loving Maggie and Nina as much as I do. (7 October 2022, via this tweet)

RT @DiscussingFilm A feature film adaption of Ali Hazelwood’s ‘THE LOVE HYPOTHESIS’, a novel that was originally ‘Reylo’ fanfiction, is in the works. (Source: Deadline) (7 October 2022)

RT @Stormy_Robyn *whispers* my favourite fanfic author just posted a story after years of silence and I am freaking the fuck out (18 April 2016; apparently this is not an uncommon experience, as shared in similar tweets such as this and this, especially during the heights of the pandemic…)