2013_yawningtree2A long-overdue update. Not because there hasn’t been much to update about but because there has been too much. Too transitional, if you like.

Anyway, I’m an in-house researcher developer at SOAS, University of London. When I am not talking with PhD students about how to do research and how to be a good researcher, I look into what can be broadly defined as digital culture and politics, with a particular interest in the Asia-Pacific region.

2 thoughts on “201307

  1. 연옥아 안녕~ 상민이야, 네가 꿈에 나와 연락했어
    잘 지내지?? 미슈미슈 ~~
    전화번호 저장된 걸로 해봤는데 안받네 그럼 건강하게 행복하게 잘 지내렴.


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