Apps for everything

I have long made peace with the fact that I am not a woman of many talents. Yet, one thing I genuinely wish I had is a multi-tasking ability. My circuitry doesn’t seem to allow me to carry out any two acts simultaneously, however simple they are. For example, I can’t talk and hop on an escalator at the same time. No joking. I also literally have to stop walking if I want to take a sip from a soda can. A friend kept teasing me by telling me that I might suddenly become able to walk and drink at the same time as soon as I became a Dr (I am going to go on about this for a while!), but sadly this isn’t the case.

But now, there’s a perfect app for me.

To be clear, I am not an iPhone user. But now with the legal ban of iPhones lifted in Korea and with other operators than O2 announcing a deal with Apple in the UK, my life has become a bit more ‘complicated’ – in the no-longer-sour-grapes sense. Hmmm.

5 thoughts on “Apps for everything

  1. I think you know the café near the Jardin du Luxembourg where I take my morning coffee. I am there now and, of course, reading your words on my iPhone. Toutes nos félicitations pour ton doctorat.


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