Groovy Dr Lee?

I submitted my thesis in April and had a viva in June. Today I have received a written confirmation that I am a doctor now. Like the mother of the late MIT professor Randy Pausch put it, “Not the kind who helps people”, but still. 😉 (He shared this anecdote during his famous last lecture – around 57 minutes in.)

A tiny hiccup in my case is that the name ‘Dr Lee’ [이박사] in Korea is totally taken by a pop singer Groovy Dr Lee [신바람 이박사]. Eccentric yet his albums have been number-one sellers among coach and lorry drivers. Also big in the neighbouring country Japan too. After I passed the viva, all my Korean friends INVARIABLY said to me, “You’ve become a Dr now? Like Groovy Dr Lee?” They also never forgot to add “Yiheee!”, a signature exclamation of his.

Here’s a video clip. You will know what I mean once you play it. Enjoy techno-trot, a musical genre he claims to have created.


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