Ways of remembering

‘Sewol’ ribbon listed as standard unicode (The Korea Times, 20 April 2016, crossposted here)

(Image source: Hankyoreh, 2016)

(France 24 English, 13 April 2020; dubbed in French here;
see also her interview with Andrew Marr here)

We have acted quickly and preemptively, and that is not just our philosophy but is a reflection of our recent experience. You may know that in 2014 we had a terrible ferry boat accident where we lost 304 lives in the midst of a very inept response by the government at the time, and that has been a collective trauma to all Korean people. And the following year, in 2015, we had a MERS outbreak that lasted for about three months, didn’t affect that many people, but was very highly fatal. And I think the government’s reaction then was also initially very intransparent [sic] and dismissive, and so heavily criticised. […] So, this government has been very determined to be prepared when disaster strikes. We may not be able to prevent disasters from striking but we can do a lot to prepare so that we can minimise the human suffering and contain the socioeconomic consequences.

세월호 관련 7편의 기고글 (2016-2019) (김승섭, 15 April 2020)

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