Politics of counting [3]

To count or not to count (e.g. Japanese authorities’ decision to exclude cases detected on the Diamond Princess from official statistics; a dispute in Lombardy over how much testing is too much); to count independently or comparatively to other outbreaks; to focus on velocity of spread, fatalities, absolute proportions, or relative proportions; to do the counting in the open or not; …

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) resources (The American Society for Microbiology, 5 February 2020)

I live in South Korea where coronavirus cases are rising. Not much has changed. (Robert E. Kelly, The National Interest, 22 February 2020)

Coronavirus: A visual guide to the outbreak (BBC, 23 February 2020)


To use log scales or not to.


Those damn denominators: Math used to be a comfort zone for me in times of confusion. Not anymore. (KC Cole, Wired, 23 April 2020)


Tallies and tolls: What counting the dead can tell us about death and dying amidst the COVID-19 pandemic (Kirby et al., Discover Society, 9 June 2020)

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