You say party, they say partay. [2]

Flat-pack policies: new Podemos manifesto in style of Ikea catalogue (Stephen Burgen, The Guardian, 9 June 2016)


An interesting read, an interesting development to observe, and a good excuse to pull out an old draft post to finish it up.

I started this post as soon as I came back from the #CyberParty conference at KCL a month ago. The programme was packed with intellectually stimulating talks and cases. I think the recent Spanish examples were invoked most frequently. It came as no surprise; Podemos is indeed one of the most successful movement-turned-parties.

The conference was, in short, a collective attempt to theorise this ‘new’ force. I particularly liked Andy’s contribution including pithy remarks such as “These are parties, but not as we have known them” and “Parties are being renewed from the outside in, as digitally enabled citizens breathe new life into an old form”. According to him, the Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders phenomena exemplify the latter.

And a few other quotable tweets from the event. (Seriously, how does one live-tweet?!?!)

RT @Ben_OLoughlin Great to hear @andrew_chadwick take us to Laclau on populism as the articulation of difference, not a transcendent ‘people’ #cyberparty (13 May 2016)

RT @JulieCarballo “Do the populist parties always need a charismatic leader?” asks @sanfudai at the #CyberParty conference (13 May 2016)

RT @andrew_chadwick #CyberParty @AaronBastani discusses affinity groups as driver of “accidental horizontalism” in protest. Small networks. (13 May 2016)

RT @andrew_chadwick #CyberParty @AaronBastani small networks that scale quickly. Affinity groups offline first. (13 May 2016)

RT @andrew_chadwick #CyberParty @arnaumonty says online engagement platform enshrines the experience of the streets of #15M (13 May 2016)

RT @andrew_chadwick Two big tensions here @ #CyberParty: between leadership/control and participation/interactivit; & between neo-populism and traditional left (13 May 2016)

RT @andrew_chadwick #CyberParty Despite differences, commonality between @Jodi7768 and @paologerbaudo is: party best org for linking citizens to sovereignty (13 May 2016)

Especially the last point has helped me clarify some of my muddled thoughts on the subject.

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