What’s on your playlist?

In addition to being generally ungainly, I am incapable of multitasking – to the point that I never listened to music on the move because it interfered with my walking. I kid you not. So, I have been one of the very few without earphones/headphones on the commuter train. Sometimes when I looked around at co-passengers, I couldn’t help but remember one of the professors when I was a business undergraduate. His ‘foolproof tip for investments’ was to watch out the hearing aid industry. We are talking about almost 20 years ago here. I wonder if he followed his own advice.

Anyway, everything has changed since I came across a certain Korean indie rock singer earlier this month and fell in love instantly. I have started to carry a few recordings of his on my phone to listen to between home and work. Still needs some getting used to, but it’s like a whole new world has opened to me.

Moreover, now I suddenly find myself being curious about what my fellow commuters are listening to. Not that I believe their playlists will reveal who they are, like Jason Rentfrow and Sam Gosling suggested in their 2003 paper. It’s more along the spirit of WIYB groups on Flickr, such as this, this, and this, which were once very active in the last decade according to my del.icio.us (!) records. It looks like that particular practice has never withered though; it just has moved on to other platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest.

My own playlist? Exclusively filled with high-pitched rock vocals at the moment. Who would have thought?

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