In law-law land [3]

OK, more seriously now, here is a link to the full text of the proposed anti-terrorism bill. The highlights include:

  • The bill enables the NIS to use military means (Article 2).
  • The bill overrides any other law (Article 4).
  • The bill authorises the NIS to access travel records, financial transaction details, private communications, geo data, and any other personal and confidential information without judicial oversight (Article 9).
  • The bill provides the NIS with unauditable budgets (Article 11).
  • The bill allows the NIS to have any items of expression removed, both online and offline, without judicial oversight (Article 12).

And here’s an article that is transferring itself from the US all the way to the Korean peninsula.

Where “nothing to hide” fails as logic (danah boyd, 10 June 2013)


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