Art of acknowledgement

My PhD thesis was prefaced with the acknowledgements that began as follows.

In Korea, during a graduation ceremony, a graduand offers her cap to the people she dedicates her academic achievement to. This ritualised tradition is meant to remind the student that she would not have been where she is on the day, had it not been for the ‘support network’ around her. Since I was young, I have always thought this is a beautiful practice. For the same reason, I enjoy reading acknowledgements in the beginning of books – so much so that I secretly rehearsed in my head what I should say in mine once the thesis was, someday, finished. Imagining the day when I write this page has helped me tide over the low-key moments of my four-and-a-half-year journey of doctoral research.

A little sappy, I admit, but I meant every word. And I still do love reading acknowledgements. I have recently learnt that there are also academic papers on acknowledgements and love reading them too.

Earlier today I saw the latest strip of PhD Comics on this exact topic shared around in my social media feeds. That reminded me of a few other good ones I have seen. 🙂



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