Beg, borrow, or steal?

The study I did in France was in Information and Communication Sciences. One of the first things we learnt across modules was that in a newer field like ours we can’t afford not to be interdisciplinary – that we need to be aware and able to draw on theories and methods already out there. Biology, computer science, journalism, you name it. I can’t speak for other colleagues in the cohort, but to me, that made perfect sense. Why wouldn’t one?

Fast-forward a decade. These days I find myself working more and more with multimodal online content in my research. And in my line of work at SOAS, I get to meet many brilliant minds specialising in analysis of other types of images, videos, and art objects. I couldn’t help but notice there is so much room for an ‘idea bazaar’.

Voilà, this is a little bit of background story about how I came to propose a session titled Interdisciplinary Discussion on Visual Methods at the upcoming 9th International Conference on Social Science Methodology (RC33) next autumn. In the post that follows, I am going to create a call for papers for the session. I genuinely hope the call will reach out and get a good response, so that a forum for a rich and continuing discussion can be set up.


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