Fit to work

20150927_fit_to_work(Click through the image to go to the original post @ 101words.)

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw their advert. Free organ transplants during a mortgage with us. I know it’s relatively easy to secure a synthetic organ compared to, say, 2015, but still not everybody can afford one. “Too good to be true, isn’t it?” I murmured audibly.

I was due for retirement 40 years ago, but instead I’m due for my third liver replacement in two weeks’ time. Fit to work, the doctor will once again declare. Until I am done with the repayment, they will make sure I am fit to work. They won’t let me die.

The interplay between mortgage and death is one of our staple jokes, and the microfiction above is yet another variation from it. Thanks also go to the DWP for part of the inspiration.

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