Like a moth to a flame

There is a folktale in Korea called Shim Cheong the devoted daughter – a story that every Korean knows. It’s about a blind single father and his filial daughter. His wife died as soon as she gave birth to the girl, Cheong, so he raised her by begging mothers in the neighbourhood to breastfeed the baby. Those mothers felt pity for him and everyone chipped in. Cheong was raised by the village, in the most literal sense.

Just back from a conference. It gave me a lot to write about and reflect on, but in the meantime, here’s something else. I realised long ago that the first thing I do at a conference is to quickly scan the venue with my eagle-like eyes and locate all power outlets. If there are seats next to them, I dash to secure one. If not, I usually spend the coffee breaks sitting poorly next to a socket feeding my laptop and mobile, like today. Then, every single time I do, I end up thinking about Mr Shim – or rather feeling like him.

+ (2 August 2015)

Have been forwarded an image today, which happens to be so aptly fitting for this post. 🙂


Translation: “What difference is left?


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