Nope, nothing beats the joy of list-making.

Things we like

A small pocket of positivity I have recently discovered through a tweet. Very addictive too – so much so that unlike my usual self I have gone ahead and sent in a list myself. 🙂

  1. A pile of ironed hankies
  2. Collecting loyalty points/stamps
  3. Sipping chai latte when under the weather and making old-person noises
  4. Kind strangers in online user forums
  5. Listening to researchers passionately explain their obscurely specific topics
  6. Brownies that serve purposes (e.g. post-class brownie, mid-week brownie)
  7. My seven-year-old niece’s digital proficiency
  8. Making up a word in the middle of a conversation and the fact that S always gets it
  9. Claiming (unfoundedly) a connection to Bruce Lee when I have to spell my name
  10. Finishing a tube of moisturiser so clean that I have no doubt about throwing the container away

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