Easing into April

20150402_deadlines I know I have whined here and there that some months turned out to be more hectic than others, but I felt particularly out of breath throughout the past three months. On top of the regular work, my family and I moved to a new town, my office shifted across Bloomsbury, and I flew to Manila and back over a weekend for this year’s FOTN review meeting, while clearing a dozen of various writing deadlines. This non-stop firefighting probably means I was doing something not quite right, but I somehow survived it. Not only that, as the apt image on the right from Jenny’s Timeline suggests, I now seem to have a reference point of what I am capable of if I need to be. (Prior to this time, my reference point was September 2004.)

Finally catching my breath this weekend. There still is some work to do before going back to office on Tuesday, but this Easter break is certainly helping me ease into April, my once favourite month. Since last year, however, April will be forever associated with the literal pains in the chest from witnessing – and feeling helpless in the face of – the Sewol tragedy and the ongoing struggles of the victims’ families.

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