Archive fever

Can’t believe I haven’t got to boast here about our MOOC having been shortlisted for the Guardian University Awards 2015. The award ceremony (How Oscars!) was last Wednesday, and Manchester won our category. After we were informed of the nomination last month, I did joke to colleagues about practising a ‘gracious loser face‘, but at the event, I felt that no such practice would have been necessary. I really enjoyed the celebratory ambience – so much so that at one point, a gentleman sitting across the table told me that I must be the most generous applauder in the room. 😀

And here is our little ‘proof shot (인증샷)’ of that evening.


+ Oh, look! Now even in the form of video!

* Random addendum

I have long been pondering about the ontological meaning of proof shots, particularly selfies and pre-meal pictures. These days we rather regularly see instances of misjudged selfie moments in the news (e.g. here, here, and here + also here and here). I may be as appalled as the next person when reading about them, but my intellectual belief is that the desire to record (selected) pieces of our existence – our ‘archive fever’, if you like, to borrow Derrida’s words (1995) – predates mobile phones and social media. It has just always been in us.

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