Internet researchers’ (unofficial) guide for the upcoming Korea trip

It was AoIR annual gatherings that introduced me to the fun and joys of conference-going when I was doing my PhD. Since then I have had a chance to attend many other such events, but I find AoIR ones to be particularly fun as they have just a right dose of geekiness – or “intellectual badassness” if you prefer.

20140722_IR8_keynote(Henry Jenkins delivering a keynote speech on the moral economy of Web 2.0 on 19 Oct 2007; my favourite photo of all time, having captured the very character of the event, or even the field.)

So, I am pleased that I will be attending this year’s AoIR conference, a.k.a. IR15, after having had to miss the last couple of them. It will be held in Daegu, South Korea, in October and I will be serving on the Local Committee. More and more information is being added to the official website as well as the Facebook page as we speak, but I thought I should be of more help myself – in my own little way. 🙂 Hence, I will share some casual background readings and handy tips here for colleagues who will be visiting Korea for the first time. I will add on as I find more!

  1. First of all, yes, you’ve heard correctly about our Internet speeds (original tweet here) – and access is apparently no longer a hassle for non-Koreans either.
  2. Advice for a trip to Korea (based on more than a dozen years of experience traveling in Korea) by CedarBough, June 2014.
  3. On a more general note, 40 genius travel tips that will change your life forever by Yosef Lerner, July 2014.
  4. In preparation for very likely conversation openers (image from here)20140722_I_know
  5. PSY’s “Gangnam Style” and “Gangnam Oppa” in “Architecture 101” (1) by Jea Kim, August 2012.
  6. Introduction to modern Korean drama by Uwe E. Reinhardt, n.d. [Apparently now there is even a new nail polish collection called Anatomy of a #Kdrama in the US, which includes numbers such as “Instant Amnesia”, “Burn the Evidence”, and “Oh Slap!“…]
  7. South Korea’s online trend: Paying to watch a pretty girl eat by Frances Cha, CNN, 3 February 2014.
  8. Have you ever wondered why East Asians spontaneously make V-signs in photos? by Stephanie Burnett, TIME, 4 August 2014.
  9. Tank traps meet tourist traps at Korea’s demilitarized zone by James Pearson and Paul Ingrassia, October 2013.
  10. So what’s the difference between K-pop and Western pop anyway? by Kpopalypse, Asian Junkie, 9 September 2014.
  11. Korea’s problem is modernity by AAK, 24 September 2014.
  12. A Korean food geek’s guide to pro ordering by Matt Rodbard, 5 January 2016.
  13. Korean street food: The complete guide by Loose Translations.
  14. Street food in Korea and stuff on sticks! by Matt Armendariz, 23 August 2011.
  15. 7 common myths I’ve heard about Korean fashion & beauty by Maxine Builder, January 2016.
  16. Even infants sleep less in Korea, according to a study by Ahn et al., 2016.
  17. Honbap: Eating alone is a new norm [as opposed to the traditional imperative] by Steven Borowiec, Korean Exposé, 29 May 2017

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