My MOOD-Y presentation

I can’t believe I am back in York, one of my favourite cities, after so many years. I came here once, exactly 15 years ago, with my second sister, who came to see how I was doing in my very early days in the UK. We visited York without really knowing what to expect. We just picked it because we wanted a destination within a day-trip radius and the name on the map vaguely rang a bell. Then I fell in love with the place as soon as we arrived. I don’t know what about it was so enchanting. Maybe the weather, maybe the company, maybe my mood (pun intended), or maybe an optimal combination of all of those and more. Since then, I have never had a chance, until today, to come back, but I have always had a very positive, if not romanticised, recollection of the place. Now, so far since I got off the train this evening, all I have done is head straight to the hotel, check in, change into my usual pyjama and turn on the laptop. I have a nagging feeling that I might not get to walk around the Walls again before I head back home this time. Oh well, I will be back.

What I am presenting tomorrow is titled: ‘Bamboo Groves’ on Twitter: A contextualised analysis of the South Korean phenomenon of Twitter accounts shared with strangers to ‘let off steam’. I will be the very last presenter just before the group dinner, so time management will be extra crucial! The symposium is called MOOD-Y, which stands for ‘Micro-analysis of online data in York’. (No, you don’t question an abbreviation.) Pat Thomson said in one of her blog posts that there are four types of work in her writing pipeline at any given point: things that she has to write; things that she gets asked to write; things that are tied with her students; and things that she writes because she wants to. I nodded a lot while reading that post. By that typology, this ‘Bamboo Groves’ paper falls neatly into the fourth category for me.


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