A sign of weakness – or not!

For the first time after a decade, I took sick absence yesterday. Since I landed back at Heathrow last Friday, the fever was not coming down. Maybe my body was re-adapting. Though, in spite of all, I was ready to crawl to the office in the morning. It took four people, including my bosses, to convince me that that would not be sensible.

Subsequently, for the rest of the day, I was drinking all sorts of tea and being anxious about how I could precipitate the recovery process in order to be okay by today. It was then and there that I started to ponder about this unbelievable uneasiness that I seem to have with the idea of taking a day off.

And once again, I ended up attributing it to my Korean upbringing. As you may have heard, there is a joke that Korean parents would say to their children: “If you have to die, die at school”. 😀 My parents are way too soft-hearted to be on a par with fellow parents – thank goodness – but the general Korean education nonetheless seems to have equipped me with this ingrained guilt of not working.

This post is to remind myself that a broken streak of perfect attendance is not necessarily a sign of weakness.


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