Red states, yellow states

You want to see colour-coded voting patterns along geographical lines?

Here’s one no-brainer for you.

This map illustrates the results of South Korea’s 19th parliamentary election yesterday. Red here represents the ruling conservatives. Despite their long-standing red scare, the colour is part of the new branding package they have recently given themselves, along with the new name, New Frontier. They won 127 seats out of 246, while the Democratic United Party, in yellow, won 106.

(Image from Nakkomsu‘s Facebook Wall)

+ If you are more interested in the population factor, click here for a cartogram where areas are resized in proportion to their corresponding populations. Yes, same idea as the Worldmapper project.

++ If you would like to compare these results with those of the recent French presidential election, the first round both rounds, click here.

+++ [added on 8 May 2017] Fast-forward five years. Situation still the same if not worsened, but at least now we have a prettier visualisation.


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