Everyday irony [1]

Finally I have an example of “Apple irony” to offer. (Hmmm, is it possible that I might have subconsciously wanted to join the club?) A few weeks ago, the cursor on my Macbook started to move around on its own as if it was possessed [!]. I freaked out and immediately ran to an AASP, who told me that it was a known problem and had something to do with the battery swelling and pressing on the trackpad from below. As I was on a work-related trip in Korea at that time and was flying off the next day, the technician there suggested that I sort it out once I landed back in London.

From a little bit of search online, I learnt that it was in fact a known safety issue. The discussion forum on the company’s official website also has a thread after a thread about the issue, where many say it is a hardware defect and users are entitled to a replacement. I first phoned the helpline to ask if that really is the case, who confirmed so and told me that I should go down to a nearest shop to show them the deformed battery and let them take care of it. The shop in my town however then sent me back to phoning to arrange a replacement. With another overseas trip planned this weekend, I said I was willing to buy a battery myself for the time being, but was advised that it was a safety concern and I’d better speak to the Apple Support first.

This afternoon, some senior manager on the phone said it did not constitute a safety issue and everyone else who had given me advice along the way was wrong. He said, and I quote, “it is not a safety issue; it didn’t harm you nor your computer.” In the same breath, however, he also told me never to put the old battery back in again.


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