When spun too far

There is going to be a by-election for the Mayor of Seoul in about a fortnight and it is a big deal for the country. Yes, I am aware that capital cities generally carry a little extra weight, but Seoul is extra extra special in the sense that the population, the wealth, and the whole dynamics of the country are heavily skewed towards it. Moreover, this time, it has been such a captivating drama – how the seat fell vacant in the first place, who has entered to run and who has almost, why voters are bluntly turning their back on party politics, etc. I am intending to put on my political scientist hat šŸ˜‰ and write up a detailed account once the election is over, but in the meantime, here’s a lesson for spin doctors.

Last Thursday, the world seemed to be mourning over Steve Jobs’ death. The camp of Na Kyung-won, the mayoral candidate of the ruling conservative party, were quick to come up with the following poster (image from here) in apparent hopes for capitalising on the popular mood. It was then briefly displayed on her campaign website until it was widely frowned upon and mocked on social networking sites. In order to damage-control, the camp said that it was merely one of the many designs that they had considered but was made visible for a minute due to a technical fault.

iSad? Sounds more like a case of iWouldDoAnything to me.


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