For sentimental reasons

I thought it was a bit out of the blue. I didn’t realise until just now why various tips for making a backup of bookmarks were suddenly being circulated on Twitter today. It’s going to be shut down! Awww. Perhaps people have already left it to move on to some new and hip services that I am not aware of. Perhaps that’s why it got axed. Though I can’t help feeling sentimental for a personal reason. I first heard of when I was on the Summer Doctoral Programme at the OII in 2006. If you know me offline, you know how incorrigibly shy I am in such social settings – i.e. thrown into a confined space with people I don’t know previously. As if that was not enough, on the second day, people started to talk about Web 2.0, a concept I didn’t quite grasp right away. Towards the end of the programme, however, I became relatively at ease with the others, made good friends with some, and found myself comfortably discussing what was hot and what was going to be hot in the field, such as “social networking”. (Don’t forget I am talking about 5 years ago here.) So, might simply be “the grand-daddy of all the social bookmarking services” for you, but for me, it has always symbolised the intimidated feeling I had when I was a baby PhD student in this fast-moving field. No, the pace of technological development will never slow down, if not accelerated, but the difference is that I’ve made peace with that fact. Bye, You have been special to me.


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