Convergence: same ingredients, different recipes

Reaction to the grand unveiling of iPad last Wed seems a bit underwhelming. Perhaps it’s just that I haven’t got to read around much, but from what I have so far read, that’s the impression I got. Well, who knows? The mood might pick up once products are actually available at shops.

A small cause for thought I picked up along the way though. There was this tweet by someone nicknamed fromto. I don’t know this person personally, but it came to my attention through RT. He said, if I may translate:

Microsoft’s ambition to connect all digital devices through the PC, Google’s plan to connect all through the Internet, and Apple’s dream to connect all through content (at iTunes). Whose is the future? (11:34 PM Jan 27th)

A bit rough but nevertheless insightful observation. The digital convergence of new media has been a hot topic in the field over the last decade, but as far as I am concerned, I haven’t really stopped and asked “towards what” things are converging. I should have.

Besides, I loved the tone it was said in – putting me back in the middle of a chapter of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. I would never mind that.

5 thoughts on “Convergence: same ingredients, different recipes

    • Thanks, but I was raised in a household where it was believed that you can’t be a true master if you don’t understand what your servants have to do to carry out your command. Metaphorically speaking, of course. I guess it was to say something like “you can’t be a food critic if you don’t know how to cook”. I know many would disagree.

      Anyway, so I am not thrilled to hear that the future of computing might mean the filesystem being completely hidden from the user. Perhaps this just proves the author’s point that I am the old school. (Well, I do fit the demographic description.)

      Nevertheless, seeing the iPad not as a particular device but as an ideology – that’s an approach I can get my head around. After all, that resonates with my thesis. 😉


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