Suspicions confirmed: we are cyborgs.

Masayoshi Son of Softbank (who incidentally featured in one of my earlier posts) recently joined the Twitter bandwagon, describing it as an “external brain [外脳]”. In response to this, a Korean journalist Goh Jaeyeol, aka dogsul, said a “collective brain [合腦]” would be a more appropriate description, given the collective intelligence often being observed on such social networking sites. Either sounded fine to me personally, but staring at the Chinese letter 腦 (meaning ‘brain’) on a Twitter page, a sudden surreal sensation took over me. The first image that came to my mind was that of the Ood, obviously 😛 , but it soon struck me that this brief discussion was curiously resonating with Haraway’s cyborg theory – not necessarily from the feminist angle but in a more broad sense.


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