Resolutions 2010

I guess some of you would say it is a lame ritual to make (over)ambitious plans on New Year’s Day only because the calendar says there is something fundamentally different about today from yesterday. Still, you know me. I am your most predictable person, who also looooves making lists. However, I usually keep my lists to myself – partly because I am well aware that not a great many people would actually give a darn to them 🙂 and partly because I would like to think ahead to save my own embarrassment in the most probable case of giving up in the middle of January.

Change of the approach this year. Let me use my easily embarrassed nature to my advantage. I am that determined. Among the few promises I am making to myself now, the one on the top of the list is to go to bed before midnight 1 a.m. As many of you already know, I am a night owl. And I genuinely believe the whole “morning person” craze, which incidentally swept Korea a couple of years back, is commercially fuelled, as much as the Weight Watchers programmes. Quite simply, some, including myself, have to ease into their days slowly.

Yet, now I am no longer a student and simply cannot afford my life style any more (SIGH), which is why I am seriously intending to do something about it. It will be better for my skin, I suppose, if not for anything else. So, if any of you see me at night in my usual habitats – Skype, MSN, Facebook, etc. – please give me a slap on the wrist and hold me to my own words. Starting from … tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Resolutions 2010

  1. You can’t, of course, be too careful.
    It might be worth bearing in mind the example of RenĂ© Descartes who, it seems, was not an early riser. He was invited to Stockholm to teach philosophy to Queen Christina of Sweden. Unfortunately the Queen expected her lessons to begin at five o’clock in the morning. Although the story is disputed, it is said that after a few weeks of getting up early Descartes was so exhausted he contracted pneumonia and died.


  2. Bonne année, ma chère amie.
    Bien sĂ»r, c’est le temps de l’annĂ©e pour de telles rĂ©solutions. Mais j’espère, comme fidèle lecteur de ton blog, que tu ne veux pas dire qu’il y aura moins d’articles Ă  partir de demain.


    • No, no, the contrary. This year my posting will be more organised and consistent. Over the Christmas break, I came up with a *system* (which is exactly how I wanted to spend my holidays).


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