Woodstock for geeks?

Last Tuesday, I went to the 140 Characters Conference – an event solely dedicated to Twitter and Tweeple [!]. (That’s right, there is a word for Twitter users, which I never knew myself. I was only aware of David Cameron’s version. FYI, Tweeple live in the Twitterverse.)

It was, on many levels, like a Woodstock for geeks. 😉 The ambience was very different from that of the kind of conferences I usually attend. Just like the short and sweet nature of tweeting, the event felt like ‘fireworks’ of presentations. Boom, boom, pow! From 9 in the morning till 6 in the evening, there was no official break other than a one-hour lunchtime, and in the course of those 8 hours, 36 speakers/panels were presented back to back. Each speaker/panel was given 15 minutes or less, and at the end of their respective slots, the speakers were practically booted out of the stage – accompanied by some epic music – no matter how far they were in their speeches.

As I mentioned in passing in an earlier post, I created a Twitter account relatively early, but the idea always left me a bit cold, and my account was therefore abandoned and gathering dust, so to say. To my own surprise, however, I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. I found a lot to take away, too. My intention is, after catching my breath, to write a couple of posts in relation to different themes brought up during the day.

In the meantime, here’s a snapshot from the event: Stephen Fry speaking of why some “get Twitter” and others don’t. Who else would be more suitable to open this conference than one of the most followed men in the Twitterverse – i.e. a so-called Twillionaire? Actually, he was even crowned for that before his speech. Yes, I am talking about an actual crown, which is, although not very visible, on the table in this photo. Anyway, more stories will follow shortly.


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