You had me at hiya.

I watch talent shows. With so many offspring, their charm is wearing thin now, but call me silly, the romanticised notion of unearthing a raw gem still works on me.

Among the X Factor contestants of this year, my favourite is Stacey Solomon. When this 19-year-old single mum from Dagenham came on stage for an audition, it felt as if she was put there to enhance the curious stereotype of ‘Essex girls’ (and I bet my money that there was some intentional editing).

When she sings, however, she is like a totally different person. Of all her performances so far, I like the first audition the best. I have re-watched it more than a few times and every time I did, I found myself humming it for the rest of the day. Perhaps this is because of the fact that the chosen song – What a Wonderful World – has such power, but I am sure that part of the delight definitely came from her making the song her own.

Having said all this, I like her off-stage self even more. She is just everything I am not. Don’t get me wrong; I have no problem with who I am or how I am. This statement is more to be read in the sense that “Opposites attract”. Let me put it this way: she is someone I could be, er, in a parallel universe or something.

Anyway, when she babbles, it’s so cute that I can’t help smiling. You still don’t see what I see? Then why don’t you take a look at her signature babbling here? Fascinating.


2 thoughts on “You had me at hiya.

  1. On a jazz related note (couldn’t resist), the song “What a wonderful world” was first recorded AFAIK by Louis Armstrong. (BTW, why do English singers always adopt faux American accents to sing popular songs? Always sounds fake to my admittedly transatlantic ears.)

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