Apps for everything [2]

Inspired by this and this, I was indeed halfway making a ‘topic generator’ for Internet research for my own amusement, but apparently I have just been beaten to it. The app is called Super Research Idea Generator, currently free at the iTunes store.

You might be thinking that I must have had too much time on my hands when I set myself on this mission, but hey, if it’s good enough for the richest man in Japan! (Apparently, when Masayoshi Son [손정의] – the founder and CEO of Softbank – was a lad, he attempted to produce one entrepreneurial idea a day by randomly picking three word cards every morning from a deck he’d made and see if the combination was telling him something that could be turned into an invention or a business. A critical biography of his success can be found here [Korean] and here [Japanese].)


3 thoughts on “Apps for everything [2]

  1. Downloaded the app. I wasn’t too impressed with it although I suppose it might work better if you put your own terms in, and I guess anything is better than nothing when you’re stuck.

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