Rising from the caches

To be honest, I don’t think there are many out there who have actually noticed that my blog disappeared, but yes, it did. It wasn’t for maintenance. It wasn’t a virus. It didn’t involve being hacked, either.

One fine day, the hosting service company casually decided to delete the whole blog. It was like my existence in cyberspace was wiped out. If I let myself go a bit overdramatic, I felt … murdered.

However, from an old backup and search engine caches, I am painstakingly reconstructing what used to be up in this space. (I immediately left the company though.) As I mentioned in my earlier post (which, er, I can’t link here for now as it is gone!), I am once again proving that I am strong at tedious tasks. Probably I won’t be able to restore every comment, but posting-wise, I think I am okay. Just bear with me, and even watch how this blog is rising from the caches.

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