The Pygmalion effect

Couldn’t afford to blog for a while. Let me be back as if I never left. 🙂

A few years back, when I was applying for a place on a PhD programme, one of my referees later showed me what he wrote in his testimonial. I can’t recall the whole text in its exact words, but there was this one particular sentence that sort of stayed with me. He said that I was “demonstrably capable of the considerable and occasionally tedious groundwork […]”.

Before that, I never thought of myself as a patient person. I perhaps even arrogantly thought that I was too cool for basic repetitive tasks. I never realised that such tasks actually require more strength from us – because we are meant to get bored.

Ever since, every time I have to carry out a job of a tedious nature, I keep telling myself that I have enough strength to go through with it. A typical case of the Pygmalion effect. This week, I am manually migrating the online content of 750+ courses. And I know I will survive.


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