Like a big sister I never had

20081223_French_pressAt the moment, my definite favourite passe-temps is to wander around blogs. Not only the blogs I subscribe to but also random ones I stumble upon through referential hyperlinks or Web portals’ recommendations. In fact, I prefer the serendipity of the latter option.

In the Korean blogosphere at least, blogs are mainly for sharing what you know – from nice restaurants to DIY instructions. As a result, I’m learning new tips every single day within the confines of my screen.

There are things that you learn from your parents and grandparents, things that you learn in school and things that you creatively work out, but I believe there are things that you’ve got to learn from your elder siblings. Things that are not as profound as the meaning of the universe but that come in handy every now and then. As the eldest of five, I had to miss out on those when I grew up. Now, blogs are teaching me how to do a decent hairdo by myself when I have to go to a conference dinner, how to make a cup of cappuccino with a French presshow to tie a gift ribbon, and which flour to use for different kinds of baking. Just like a big sister I never had!

[Photo from mezzoblue’s Flickr]

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