Appelez-moi childish!

Not sure if this is the case with others, but I used to love looking for my name in different texts including dictionaries when I was a kid. This is not as self-obsessed as it sounds. It was more for laughs. For example, one of the homographs of my (full) name in Korean is ‘purgatory’. How about that? 😀

The thing is that I thought I was way past such a juvenile stage, but I might have been wrong. Today, a parcel arrived from Strasbourg. Addressed to Madame Yenn Lee, it contained a free copy of Modernité de Robert Ezra Park: Les concepts de l’Ecole de Chicago (edited by Suzie Guth, 2008). Around 2 years ago, I translated an English paper into French for Ray (“Park, Bogardus et l’enquête sur les relations interraciales dans la région du Pacifique”, pp.189-212), whose lectures on methodology I had attended at the beginning of my PhD journey. As the whole publication process took a lot longer than my inexperienced self had imagined, I kind of stopped waiting after a certain point. Hence, it was doubly pleasant to see the final outcome.

To be frank with you, my French is so rusty now that I wouldn’t offer to do an academic translation as confidently as back then – at least until I have a chance to brush up on it (Yes, yes, after submitting the thesis…). Still, I must admit that I have been in a boastful narcissistic mood since I received the book and found my name nicely printed in there. My own work next time!

[Thanks to Sophie and Charlotte for letting me pepper them with questions when I was doing the job.]


2 thoughts on “Appelez-moi childish!

  1. Zut alors!! A genuine multilingual published academic!
    PS haven’t posted for a while. Been on a consultancy trip to Kazakhstan.

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