Itching to vote?

Such a drama around the US presidential election on Tuesday, which makes it very difficult not to be drawn into – even for somebody like me, who thought she had managed to ignore American politics reasonably well so far. This whole thing reminds me of a lecture by Prof Caune at my previous college in Grenoble regarding the enhanced importance of ‘theatricality’ in American institutional practices. A typical example would be the atmosphere of courts you might have tasted from Law & Order, something quite different from, say, that in Judge John Deed.

Oh, drifted away again, didn’t I? Anyway, a few days ago, a colleague Akil in the NPCU sent a video link around: “Obama’s Loss Traced To Akil Awan”. Despite the tremendous amount of media attention devoted to the election, voter apathy still must be a headache to campaigners. This video, however, seems like a brilliant attempt. Well, at least I had a good laugh and personalised and forwarded it, too. Who would have imagined me contributing to a viral campaign for Obama, effectively? (By the way, how did Swing Vote, a film developed from the same idea of the US presidential election coming down to one man’s vote, do in box office? The reviews I read weren’t good though.)

While some might be worried about voter apathy, on the other hand, you might feel ‘left out’ from all this excitement, fun and drama only because the US constitution says you are not eligible. How unfair. 😀 Don’t worry, like always, the Internet has a solution for you. For anyone wanting to be part of it, here’s a site to visit: Choose “the US presidential election 2008” and cast your vote by 4 Nov 6.00 GMT. No, it won’t have any ‘real’ consequences, but I still can’t help wondering how the result of this would turn out.


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