My latest ‘aha’ moment

I love aha moments. One of my little discoveries is, for example, that amazing views that people describe as ‘breath-taking’ are almost always only afforded from a very high lookout – like the top of a mountain or a tower. So, in other words, you are meant to be quite out of breath, wouldn’t you be, when you finally get there to enjoy the views.

My latest “Aha!” took place at the Notting Hill Carnival last Sunday. You know people always talk about how you can actually feel the music and all at an event like that. What I realised from my very first carnival experience is that it was the vibrations from the thundering speakers that made my heart pound. I would have thought it was a figurative expression!

Here are some photos to share.




These are taken by Sri, one of the last keeping black and white film photography alive. Hat off to you. 😉 More can be found here.

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