I know who I’m gonna root for.

With a lot of contests happening on TV, I’ve learnt that it’s kind of more fun watching them if I have a particular contestant to root for. Then the contest you watch will have, how can I put it, a Dragon Ball feel to it. I usually don’t follow such programmes, principally because I hate to watch judges being mean and rude to their participants. I know, I know, that’s necessary for the drama the programmes aim to deliver; it’s just me believing that truth should be served warm (and preferably wrapped in bubble wrap πŸ˜› ). Anyhow, I ran across this Boyzone act on Britain’s Got Talent a couple of weeks ago and knew that I’d be watching the next weeks’. And last night, I found my team!


2 thoughts on “I know who I’m gonna root for.

  1. The question is: have you started to watch the Apprentice yet? I swore I wouldn’t this year, but then one night… it was there on the iPlayer. So I’m now hooked. How annoying.

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