Thesis Psychosis [3]

20080414_self0I am noticeably high on life in April. To me, it’s the best month of the year. No particular reason – other than the fact that it’s, well, my birth month. I do make a song and dance about my own birthday, more than a grown-up lady should. I just can’t help so. I was the first and long-awaited baby to the whole family, and my grandma always made such a big deal out of my birthdays when she was around. Totally spoiled me in this department…

This year, with a little bit of help of the marvelous Web, I’ve learnt that I share my birthday with not only Adolf Hitler (which I’d already known) but also Adolf Lu Hitler R. Marak. I’ve also learnt that Elvis Presley found himself on the top of the Billboard charts 4 times on my birthday during the past 120 years or so.

Only one thing I am grieving about on this topic is that I picked up a pencil, instead of cotton thread or rice grains, on my first birthday. What am I talking about? In Korea, on the very first birthday of a child, the parents put certain objects on the table, each of which symbolises something in life, and let the baby choose one. The first thing the baby grabs indicates what kind of life he/she will lead. How cruel. And how accurate! The pencil must have meant, “This baby will be enslaved by her writing needs.” Hmmm.

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