Happy Korean New Year! [2]

20080206_tteokguk3Giving a sequel title here has two purposes. First, I am proudly reminding you that it has been more than a year since I started this site. Second, I am emphasising once again that the Lunar New Year is a big deal for Koreans, too. Since I never let go of the topic, people often ask me what we do to celebrate. Well, let me make it short and sweet. Other than a lot of seasonal greetings from the younger members of the family to the older (세배) and back to the younger (덕담), everyone becomes one year older after having a bowl of rice cake soup (떡국). And since we consider a newborn to be one-year-old on the day of birth, this makes a baby born in December of the previous year become two years old on New Year’s day. Everyone aging altogether sounds almost fascist, but the incentive is that Korea is a gerontocratic (big word!) society in many senses. You will know if you see me being bowed to by Korean undergraduates on campus, which I can’t say I am not enjoying. 😉

[* photo from the Korea Tourism Organization]

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