Thesis Psychosis [2]

The first thing I did this week was to run to Argos and buy a handheld vacuum cleaner. The college provides a Hoover for each corridor in the halls, but I don’t know what got into me, I just couldn’t wait for the shop to open on Monday morning to buy a smart and light one for myself. What can I say, some like shoes, others like jewellery. I happen to like, well, cleaning gadgets… (The next on my wish list is, FYI, a shredder. 😛 )

Ever since, I have been vacuuming every corner of my 6-pyeong room. The next day, I bumped into Richard in the Dept. He asked me the ultimate taboo question, i.e. how far I was in my research, to which I replied as usual “All I have to do now is to write it up”. Then, without knowing what I had been busy with, he told me about his writing-up year, during which he often found himself cleaning the windows around his house. It was amusing, and somehow comforting, to learn that I am not alone in this (cleaning impulse?). It’s September already. Now, the real fun begins.


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