I am yawningtree on most websites I have a membership at. It was a nickname a colleage from Singapore gave me when I was working as a financial auditor a few years ago. From my name, Yawn Oak, of course. Using one ID for all online activity has goods and bads. Now I don’t need to have a headache trying to come up with a cool ID everytime I join a new site. The downside is that the comfort of anonymity is gone as it has become another name for me.

Anyway, that’s not what I was going to talk about. A while ago, I came across a Telegraph article identifying a new social cohort – in comparison with Yuppies [Young Urban Professionals] in the 80s and Bobos [Bourgeois Bohemians] in the 90s – Yawns. Young and wealthy but NORMAL. Now that’s cute.

This kind of grouping is in many cases for a purpose of more effective marketing, but sometimes manages to reflect the value system a society at a particular time shares. A great man in this time is someone like Bill Gates, who is even described as “the patron saint of yawnhood”.

I don’t know why I sound proud. After all, I don’t belong to the cohort. I meet only one condition out of three, which is, well, normality. What else. 😉 Still, I start to like my e-name even more. Thanks, Her Shiong kkokko.


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