British penchant? [2]

A lot of cooking competitions going on on telly. The Best Cook in Britain, Master Chef, etc. When any of these programmes is on, I end up attentively watching. Cooking is never my strong subject, but I am amazed how the media can turn anything into a palm-sweating drama. And the judges, they know how to speak. They have one bite of a dish and can describe it for 15 minutes. Professionalism.

When Snezhana was living on campus, we used to cook together quite often. Her sharp observation one day revealed that when a British person tastes a nice dish, he/she will say “This is like a restaurant meal” while a Bulgarian, for example, will say “This is like Mum’s cook.” Next time if you have a chance to watch such cooking programmes, listen to the judges. 😉

I had a dream last Sat night that I was defending my thesis in front of a jury of three people, one of who said, “Your work is well thought out and well presented, but it needs a little more zing.” Too much Master Chef watching …


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