At the epicentre


Arranging a conference trip is quite a job. Any trips, for that matter. My brain hurts now. I only hope I will become better at it along the way. I am particularly stressed about the trip to Kuala Lumpur in the first week of August. I mean financially, as it is right bang in the middle of peak season. I have spent HOURS browsing all online booking sites that claim to offer cheapest flight tickets, drawn different route diagrams, and filled them in by noting down a possible cost in each case.

While doing so, I was looking at the website of Top Travel (one of the biggest travel agents in Korea) yesterday. Sri happened to see the map over my shoulder and commented, “Ah, I love what you guys have done there, putting Korea in the centre of the world. I’ve never seen a map with the American continents on the right side”.

Ow, really?! That had never come across my mind. After all, this is the kind of map I grew up with.


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