Ex Libris

My answer to “What do you want to become in the future?” has always been a publisher. I might not be able to right away, but I will at some point in my life. To be precise, I would like to run a company that publishes commercially less promising books. Not that I have low regard for crowd-pleasing material. On the contrary, I admire Stephen King, who once described his works as “the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and Fries”, for his obvious talent. It’s just that there will always be companies waiting for writers of his kind with open arms somewhere. I have encountered many brilliant yet undiscovered people along the way. I hope I will be able to provide resources so that such people can offer their brilliant stories and ideas to a broader world. This whole motto has become kind of shaky though with the advent of blogs. Let’s not spoil my life’s ambition for now.

This is part of my bookshelves in progress. It should be noted that most of the items here are still on my wish list. 😉


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