You know where to find me.

I am not much of a traveller. Since I was a kid, I have always preferred cocooning at home than going anywhere. That’s right, there is no place like home. My university friends called me the Iron Bottom (철궁뎅이), difficult to lift once settled 😀 , for I often turned down when they planned a little trip.

This is why I have never considered putting a popular calendar-like feature on my blog. You know where to find me – i.e. in my room. Having said that, I have a few long trips ahead this year. Very very unlike me.

“Am I bovvered?”: The Next Digital Divide

Korean Values in the Age of the Internet: the Korean Presidential Election of 2002 (on the panel Internet and Politics in Pacific Asia, organised by Dr Merlyna Lim)

The Internet Real Name System and Privacy Tradeoffs in Korea (on the panel Dynamics of Power and Governance in a Digitised World, organised by Shefali Virkar)

The Movement Legacies and Online Mobilisation: the Korean Presidential Election of 2002

National Context and the Use of Online Knowledge Databases

Online Mobilisation and Identity Building: the Korean Presidential Election of 2002 (Doctoral Colloquium)

Hmmm, putting altogether like this actually helps me manage my own schedule better. I am also intending to upload the abstracts here shortly.

5 thoughts on “You know where to find me.

  1. You are of course aware that in Buster Keaton’s 1927 film, The College, the boat Buster uses after his first one sinks is called “Old Iron Bottom”.


  2. Welcome to the realm of world-academic-travellers!!!
    And do you know something? Once you start, it’ll be difficult to stop!! *wink*


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