The 2007 French presidential election is just around the corner. There was one and only live debate between the two candidates on TV today – pardon, yesterday. I didn’t have a chance to watch the whole two and a half hours, but news updates on different websites and TV channels seem to generally agree Royal outperformed Sarkozy. I wasn’t particularly following French politics when I was there, but as far as I remember, Nicolas Sarkozy was just everywhere. My friends half-joked by calling him Président de l’Intérieur. So I automatically assumed the 2007 election would be his one-man show. He is clearly the front-runner, but I am amazed – and naturally proud 😉 – Royal is doing so well.

When it comes to e-campaigning, an aspect I cannot NOT look at, she even seems to be ahead of Sarkozy. I attended a Hansard seminar titled “The internet and the 2005 General Election: political awareness, participation and trust” two weeks ago (Already?!). In the meeting, Derek Wyatt MP passionately demonstrated how cleverly Royal’s camp mobilised bloggers. I had a further look when I came back home. Voilà, Ségoland.


(Original map in pdf is here.)

They actually mapped all blogs that support her. James from my Department pointed out in the Q&A session that such networking was a typical socialist-party programme. I understand it is. Still, I find this attempt – what’s the scholarly word – COOL.

* This article is also crossposted at the NPCU blog.


One thought on ““Segoland”

  1. An associate close to the Royal camp tells me there is some quiet satisfaction there now. Of course, if matters hinged only on the debate …

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