Good news for Cyworlders


20070414_quickpod_Jude_LawI have just received an email telling me about “the world’s first handheld extendable tripod”. You should see the video clip running on their site as well – an interview with a girl named Serena (screen-captured as right), who bumped into her idol Jude Law, managed to take a photo with him, but found herself very annoyed and disappointed when it turned out she had failed to get his full face. Now such a problem has been solved…

As I am an incorrigible gadget freak, my friends often kindly forward links like this to me whenever they find something they think I would like. However, the reason why I am particularly amused with this one is the comment of the sender accompanying the link: “Looks like something that would come in handy for cyworld purposes.” Ah, my good old Cyworld. Indeed, this IS brilliant news for continuously self-photographing Cy-bloggers.


2 thoughts on “Good news for Cyworlders

  1. Perhaps you could attach it to a shoulder harness so that you could photograph yourself at any time without your arms getting tired. 🙂

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