Maturity comes with seniority.

20070409_baby_elephantA few days ago, I was watching The Hairy Bikers’ Cookbook on BBC with an Indian friend of mine. In that particular episode, the two presenters found themselves in Southern India, where the camera showed between cooking demonstrations some elephants being bathed and pampered by local people. The friend then asked, “Do you have elephants in Korea?” I answered, “Sure, in zoos.” He said those in zoos didn’t count. So, I started to name a few native wild animals we have – or at least I was taught in school we had – like bears, tigers, boars and cranes. He smiled and replied, “Ah, a small country has small animals.”

I swear I knew he was pulling my leg, but I just couldn’t stop myself from countering, “We make cars. We don’t need elephants to ride on. Humph!” What a mature remark. I still can’t believe I said so. After all, I will be one year older in ten days’ time…


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