“A New World Order in Cyberspace”?

Another powerful visualisation. Since Warren told me about this Worldmapper project earlier, I have waited for Internet-related maps to be released. Et voilà!


The above is displayed here with the permission of the copyright owner SASI Group (University of Sheffield) and Mark Newman (University of Michigan). On the second and third, the territories are resized in proportion to worldwide Internet users who lived there in the respective years.

With the North-South digital divide right in front of the eyes, it’s difficult to support the argument of the Internet reconfiguring the world order. Rather, the title of an FT article “New world interaction but no new world order” should sound more convincing. That said, the rapid development of the Internet infrastructure in Asia is quite an eye-catcher on these maps. Like the Cyber Korea 21 scheme (1999-2002) explicitly aimed, will the Internet enable Asian countries to outpace the early industrialisers?

By the way, the red boxes are added by me – who else? – in order to distinguish Korea from its neighbouring countries. Now is your chance to accuse me of having a small-country complex. 😛


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