“The Secret Diary of Hillary Clinton”

A friend sent me a link to the blog below a few days ago.


(The Secret Diary of Hillary Clinton)

It’s embarrassing to confess this, but on first glances I thought it might be for real. Miss Gullible. My poor defence is that unlike the popular Secret Diary of Apple CEO Steve Jobs that was clear about being a spoof from the beginning, this Hillary blog was not very explicit about so. How could I not see that it had too much swearing to be hers? Rumour has it that she is very lady-like off the podium.

Awww, wouldn’t it have been cool if it’d been genuinely hers though? She and other candidates must have bigger fish to fry, but I would love to see any of them personally blogging. Indeed, at the conference e-Democracy ’06 last Nov, Sam Roake, the head of Web Campaigning for the Conservative Party, said one of the reasons why they had decided to do WebCameron instead of text-based blogging was to prove that it was not simply run by his entourage, in order to appeal to the blogging population.

That said, blogging seems like a bit of catch-22 for politicians in the Korean context. Voters demand to communicate with them more closely, but at the same time expect them to maintain their charismatic status. For example, it was not exactly the case of blogging, but Roh the President has been criticised in the newspapers for replying to a variety of postings made by visitors on the Cheong Wa Dae website himself, as “he should have been doing something more ‘valuable’ and appropriate to his position instead”. A Goldilocks balance is again needed here?


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