The Internet to reunify the two Koreas?

According to The Economist‘s latest article, “Weird but wired” (What a title…), Kim Jung-il believes there are three kinds of fool in the 21st century: smokers, the tone-deaf and the computer-illiterate. The tone-deaf bit makes it sound almost like a random choice, but the article is anyway to tell us North Korea’s Internet economy is, at least in some places, overheating. I would never have known they do online gambling [!] and online dating [!!].

It would be naive and even techno-utopian to believe the Internet will eventually reunify us. However, I stay positively interested in observing the unique role the Internet plays in the context of the Korean peninsula.

BTW, the U.S. delegation to the Six-Party Talks on the North Korean nuclear issue, Christopher Hill, has just said in a press conference in Seoul that Bush has a ‘strong desire’ to declare the termination of the Korean war during his term. What does that mean?


4 thoughts on “The Internet to reunify the two Koreas?

  1. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Economist article is its reference to the Kwangmyong ‘browser’. Giving limited freedom to acquire useful knowledge from the West was a common tactic in at least some Eastern bloc countries before the fall of Communism.
    As I understand it, the Korean War ended in an Armistice rathern than a peace treaty. Perhaps that is what Bush is referring to?

  2. Considering it is Bush, I am quite reluctant to speculate what that might evetually mean.

    >>Bush has a ’strong desire’ to declare the termination of the Korean war during his term. What does that mean?

  3. To Warren: Isn’t that the other way around? As the article you made a link to also points out, no peace treaty has ever been signed. Only an armistice. Hence, technically speaking, the war has never truly ended.

    To Sriram: That’s why it’s ‘scary’…

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